Past Event

Armstrong Memorial Lecture: Dr. Andrew Viterbi

October 15, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Schapiro CEPSR, 530 W. 120 St., New York, NY 10027 Davis Auditorium
Abstract: Life in the Twenty-first Century has been inalterably affected by the full emergence of digital wireless connectivity. More than half the denizens of our planet have become both beneficiaries and victims of the fruits of the broadly defined technologies known as digital and wireless. Though they have been twinned through the ubiquitous devices which have grown to dominate our consciousness, their origins have little in common. Their merger has been completed through three eras of development: The scientific Innovation Era (1E), the system Implementation Era (2E) and the Exploitation Era (3E). The last has brought unchallenged benefits along with serious challenges.

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Eliese Lissner