Catching Up with Yves (Al) Feder

A fantastic image from the 1950's and accompanying story, courtesy of Yves (Al) Feder (W1UX).

Maxfield Parson-Scherban (KJ7UJI)
June 19, 2023
Yves Feder (W1UX) seated, 1950's (photo: Steve Aug, W3DEF)

Yves (Al) Feder (W1UX) grew up on West 94th St and went to Columbia and was a member of CUARC for six years during the 1950's, becoming trustee towards the end of his time here.

In the meantime, he has left the city for other parts of the North-East, where he has had careers in public radio and music in various forms. 

We got to hear from Al when he appeared on the CUARC email chain after seeing Monica Pedone (KV20) show up on his FT8. They reminisced about the "Old Iron" radio equipment that was once the backbone of our hobby. 

"The pic here shows me in the attic of the old CU engineering building (not Seeley Wintersmith Mudd, but the old bldg.) where W2AEE used to be when I was in college in the 50s – that’s me seated, with an old friend pretending to be a young novice LOL" - Yves (Al) Feder (W1UX)

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